Children Worldwide

Supporting you and your ministry with children and families.


Working with wider groups to provide national training events such as Spring Harvest, or Hand in Hand

Speakers for local training events in a wide range of subjects, from experienced practitioners

Trained Mentors to help people in Children’s Ministry to develop

Gap programme in children's ministry, training and experience alongside professional workers.

Home study material for Children's Ministry on 65 different areas of Children's Ministry, worked through with a current practitioner.

  1. Starting Out
    • What is Children’s Ministry?
    • The Character of a Children’s Worker
    • Safeguarding: Statutory Requirements, Abuse and Good Practice
    • Risk Assessment
    • Disability Awareness
  2. The Basic Groups
    • Working with parents and family
    • Under fives work
    • Spirituality with under fives
    • Sunday School
    • The Problem with Sunday School
  3. Getting to know your Children
    • Ages and stages
    • Learning Styles
    • Praying with Children
    • Worship with children
    • Gender Issues in Spirituality
  4. Storytime
    • Reading Out Loud
    • Storytelling
    • Types of Stories
    • Preparing Stories
    • Delivering Stories
  5. Reaching Beyond Church
    • After School Clubs
    • Messy Church
    • Godly Play
    • Schools Work
    • Camps and Holiday Clubs
  6. God's Mission to Children
    • Missio Dei
    • Child Spirituality
    • Does a child need salvation?
    • Counselling for salvation
    • Discipleship
  1. The Child in Christian Thought
    • Children in the Old Testament
    • Children in the New Testament
    • Case Study of the Early Church
    • Case Study of Raikes and others
    • Child Theology Movement
  2. Coping and all age
    • Behaviour Bullying and Discipline
    • Bereavement and Divorce
    • Attachment Theory
    • All Age Worship and intergenerational The Theory
    • All Age Worship and intergenerational How to go about it
  3. Adding Sparkle
    • Puppetry
    • Games
    • Quizzes and Crafts
    • Memory verses Magic and Visuals
    • Planning sessions
  4. Issues in Children's Ministry
    1. World Culture Changes
    2. World Culture Challenges
    3. The Digital Challenge
    4. Gender Fluidity
    5. The Tweenager
  5. Leadership
    • What is Leadership
    • Knowing Me knowing You
    • Coping with criticism
    • Vision and strategy
    • Change management
  6. Leading Teams
    • leading Teams
    • Team Dynamics
    • motivation of individuals and groups
    • Sustaining the team
    • Working with Volunteers
  7. Leading Children in Discipleship
    • Introducing Discipleship
    • What are we doing?
    • Literature Review
    • Social Spaces
    • Discipleship for the fringe and different ages

Children Worldwide is part of the ministry of Family Foundations Trust