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Supporting you and your ministry with children and families.

Children Worldwide is an evangelical UK-based Christian organisation whose vision is to support children’s ministers as they share the Good News of Jesus with children and families in a contemporary, inclusive and practical way. CW consists of a UK network of independent children’s workers who support each other.

Extending that ministry into the country of Kenya, and wider across East Africa, was the vision of Michael Mwanhika a children’s pastor from Kenya

Michael's Story

Children Worldwide Kenya as an idea was first established in 2015

“My friend, David Gidney a children’s worker from the UK that I had been working with in Kenya, approached me about the opportunity of setting up a CW Kenya equivalent of the organisation he came from in the UK. After prayer, I felt this was what God wanted me to do. I have been doing children’s ministry a long time and have seen that Kenya desperately needs more well-trained children’s workers devoted to the cause.

CW Kenya is a means through which I can set up a similar network of devoted children’s ministers whilst continuing my own calling in children’s ministry.

I have been joined by an experienced board of council (pictured) who share my passion for Christ and children.

Together we meet at least every 3 months as a council, whilst supporting each other in the work.

The opportunities for Children’s work here in Kenya are huge, for example in one three month period, I have ministered to over a thousand children at schools, Christian camps and holiday clubs. I have also given out 100s of Bibles thanks to the Gideon’s.

However, there is still a big concern.

Where are the children’s ministers?

One time I turned up to a camp where over 500 children had been gathered, and there was no one there to host me. I was on my own with 500+ children! I thank God that the children are so open to learning about Christ. But when they give their lives to Christ, they will need discipleship. Where are the leaders who can give that?”

So the work of Children Worldwide, while working with Children across particularly western Kenya, but also into Tanzania, and Uganda, also focuses more on encouraging and equipping children’s ministers around Kenya to resource support and train more workers in the vineyard.

Children Worldwide Kenya Begins

In September 2017 we formally constituted Children Worldwide Kenya, with Michael Mwanhika as the lead, and a council of initially 5 members alongside him. That has grown since then.

The First Annual Conference was held in September 2017 with over 200 delegates, and they have been running ever since.

Terrible News

Very sadly in November of 2020, Michael died from pneumonia after a string of different illnesses leaving his family, the work of CWK, and the churches in towns far and wide devastated.

Here are some of the CWK team speaking at Michael’s funeral, where hundreds came to give their respect to this ‘hero of the faith’.

The work continues however, because the council members have stepped into leadership, and are spreading the ministry Michael began further and wider than ever before, under the chairmanship of Godfrey Omero.

The team

Irene - Patron
Godfrey – Council Chairman

Regional Representatives

Carol - West Pokot
Betty – (Secretary) Mumias
Francis – (Treasurer) Bungoma
Evelyn - Naitiri
Mercy Temba – (Deputy chairperson) - Kimilili

Michael's Family

Michael’s family are still very involved, with the whole family still ministering to children, mostly online currently. Irene, Michael’s wife, a former council member for CWK has taken up the role of Patron of CWK responsible for maintaining the vision of the work.

Please Pray

  1. More children’s workers who love the Lord and are passionate for children’s ministry.
  2. Financial and material challenges. Transport is a particular challenge. We also need a  printer for providing training materials.
  3. The discipleship of children in Kenya. The healthiness of the Kenyan church and evangelism will be strengthened through discipleship.
  4. Please pray for Michael’s wife Irene, and her family David Betty Trevor Joy Anne and Jane


We are delighted that you are interested to support the work of Children Worldwide Kenya. Our fund to support Children Worldwide Kenya includes:

  • Funding for national training conferences for children’s workers in Kenya.
  • Providing funding to support travel around Kenya to encourage and train children’s workers.
  • Assistance towards team members living costs, to release them further into the ministry.

Donations to our Children Worldwide Kenya Fund can be increased by Gift Aid if you are a current UK taxpayer.

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