Children Worldwide

Supporting you and your ministry with children and families.

Join the family

CW offers a great opportunity to link up with other people who are doing their best to serve God through local Churches or personal ministry by working with families or children.

The video bellow is from one of our team members explaining why she is a part of Children Worldwide.

CW is a family! We meet regularly at a regional level, so that we can really get to know each other and share experiences and aspirations! Our members communicate regularly through our on line forum and email, providing each other with important prayer support and advice.

CW is a professional organisation! Whether they’re working in their own Church, or providing support to others – whether they’re working in schools, after school clubs, holiday clubs or other events – our members set their standards high, and encourage others to do the same. As a team we head up the children’s work at major events, including Whizz Kids at Spring Harvest, and our members lead children’s work at other major local, regional and national events.

CW promotes development! We encourage our team members to grow – through offering training, support and mentoring opportunities. In addition to supporting each other, we require all our members to develop strong support networks within their Church and community, to enable them to be supported, practically and prayerfully as they develop their ministry.

CW is part of a bigger picture! We are a key part of the Christian charity, Family Foundations Trust, which provides retreats, training and networking opportunities alongside our residential ‘Get Away’ ministry at Dalesdown in West Sussex.

Organisationally, our members work with a host of other major UK partners, including Children Matter, Urban Saints, Spring Harvest and many more See more here –( link to page organisations we work with).
There is a monthly subscription of £21 per individual (or £25 per couple) for membership which covers organisational costs and provides for free attendance at our conference in January and other training events throughout the year. We are a ‘not for profit’ organisation and we encourage Churches to support our members by contributing to this.

We have, through our parent charity, access to Professional and Human Resources, employment advocacy (in case of need)

We can apply for Personal Public Liability insurance for events that you do in the name of Children Worldwide.

10% of our membership subscription goes into a pastoral fund which is available to benefit all of our members in times of hardship.

We can claim Gift Aid for you, through the charity on any donations people make for your ministry.

10 Reasons for Joining
Children Worldwide

  • Re:connect - Free Weekend Conference.
  • Re:connect - Regional and virtual gatherings.
  • Re:lease - Free CPD training days in children’s ministry.
  • A pastoral fund for the benefit of members.
  • Experienced and respected colleagues who will support you.
  • Advertising your events through our communication streams.
  • Paid work opportunities received through us.
  • Assistance in claiming gift aid.
  • Employment advocacy (in case of need).
  • Personal Public Liability insurance.

Children Worldwide is part of the ministry of Family Foundations Trust