Children Worldwide

Supporting you and your ministry with children and families.


At Children Worldwide we know that the past two years have been very demanding in the world of
Children’s Ministry. A lot of us are tired, drained, exhausted, or discouraged. Many of us are really
stretched with the demands of new things, and new opportunities.

We want to put aside a little time to treat you to a free coffee (or drink of your choice) and invite you to catch up with like-minded nation-independent children’s leaders as we really appreciate all you have done and what God has done through you.

Children Worldwide will be hosting a number events over the year where:-

  • We gather over a free meal, and again aim to support and encourage one another.
  • There is often a free resources table where you bring resources you no longer need, and take away ones you do.
  • Bringing children's workers together

Look out for an event near you, or contact us for details one one nearby.

Children Worldwide is part of the ministry of Family Foundations Trust